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  1. The past and future obliquity of Saturn as Titan migrates, Astronomy and Astrophysics n°647, 2021, Saillenfest, Lari, Boué, Courtot (arXiv preprint), résumé ▿▵
  2. The large obliquity of Saturn explained by the fast migration of Titan, Nature Astronomy n°5, 2021, Saillenfest, Lari, Boué (accès direct), résumé ▿▵
  3. The future large obliquity of Jupiter, Astronomy and Astrophysics n°640, 2020, Saillenfest, Lari, Courtot (arXiv preprint), résumé ▿▵, erratum ▿▵
  4. Long-term evolution of the Galilean satellites: the capture of Callisto into resonance, Astronomy and Astrophysics n°639, 2020, Lari, Saillenfest, Fenucci (arXiv preprint), résumé ▿▵
  5. Long-term orbital dynamics of trans-Neptunian objects, Celestial Mechanics and Dynamical Astronomy n°132, 2020, Saillenfest (arXiv preprint), résumé ▿▵
  6. Chaos in the inert Oort cloud, Astronomy and Astrophysics n°629, 2019, Saillenfest, Fouchard, Ito, Higuchi (arXiv preprint), résumé ▿▵
  7. Secular spin-axis dynamics of exoplanets, Astronomy and Astrophysics n°623, 2019, Saillenfest, Laskar, Boué (arXiv preprint), résumé ▿▵, erratum ▿▵
  8. Solar wind dynamics around a comet - a 2D semi-analytical kinetic model, Astronomy and Astrophysics n°620, 2018, Behar, Tabone, Saillenfest, Henri, Deca, Lindkvist, Holmström, Nilsson (arXiv preprint), résumé ▿▵
  9. Strong tidal energy dissipation in Saturn at Titan's frequency as an explanation for Iapetus' orbit, Astronomy and Astrophysics n°619, 2018, Polycarpe, Saillenfest, Lainey, Vienne, Noyelles, Rambaux (arXiv preprint), résumé ▿▵
  10. Solar wind dynamics around a comet - the paradigmatic inverse-square-law model, Astronomy and Astrophysics n°617, 2018, Saillenfest, Tabone, Behar (arXiv preprint), résumé ▿▵
  11. The root of a comet tail - Rosetta ion observations at comet 67P, Astronomy and Astrophysics n°616, 2018, Behar, Nilsson, Henri, Bercic, Nicolaou, Stenberg-Wieser, Wieser, Tabone, Saillenfest, Goetz (arXiv preprint), résumé ▿▵
  12. Non-resonant secular dynamics of trans-Neptunian objects perturbed by a distant super-Earth, Celestial Mechanics and Dynamical Astronomy n°129, 2017, Saillenfest, Fouchard, Tommei, Valsecchi (arXiv preprint), résumé ▿▵
  13. The long-term evolution of known resonant trans-Neptunian objects, Astronomy and Astrophysics n°603, 2017, Saillenfest, Lari (arXiv preprint), résumé ▿▵
  14. Study and application of the resonant secular dynamics beyond Neptune, Celestial Mechanics and Dynamical Astronomy n°127, 2017, Saillenfest, Fouchard, Tommei, Valsecchi (arXiv preprint), résumé ▿▵
  15. Long-term dynamics beyond Neptune: secular models to study the regular motions, Celestial Mechanics and Dynamical Astronomy n°126, 2016, Saillenfest, Fouchard, Tommei, Valsecchi (arXiv preprint), résumé ▿▵, erratum ▿▵
  16. Origin of the Chaotic Motion of the Saturnian Satellite Atlas, The Astronomical Journal n°151, 2016, Renner, Cooper, Moutamid, Sicardy, Vienne, Murray, Saillenfest (arXiv preprint), résumé ▿▵

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